“I have come that they may have life, have it to the full I am the good shepherd.” — Jesus

What does ‘having life to the full’ mean to you?

We’re all looking for some way to make life satisfying or meaningful… or just better than it was yesterday. 

Some of us are struggling; feeling lost, dissatisfied, all alone in the vastness of the universe.

Some of us are pondering what it looks like to really flourish as a human; to live the good — full — life.  

These are itches that all sorts of advertisers selling all sorts of products say ‘try this, it’ll fix it!’ — you won’t need to look, struggle, or ponder any more… and these products never work as promised; often they just leave us itchier with more unsatisfied desires

What if trying Jesus is the answer? And what if Jesus isn’t just a product you take for a test drive, or a concept, but a person you have a relationship with (weird, we know)? And what if that relationship provides a new way of understanding what life is, and who you are? What if this changes where we look for satisfaction and meaning? What if the best way to ‘research’ or ‘try’ his claims is to give believing what he says about how to live a go?

What if the best thing you can do to improve tomorrow is to try Jesus. Today.