The opening of John’s Gospel (his biography of Jesus) claims that Jesus was with God in the beginning; and indeed is God. Jesus is the ‘word’ that was spoken in the beginning to create all things, and in his birth as a finite human, Jesus bridges the gap between God and man; between the unknowable infinite and his flesh and blood which meant that now, in history, people came face to face with God.


Jesus unites many threads in our experience of humanity; and also in what the Bible says about God and us. Paradox, or mystery, is at the heart of what Christians believe about the world — Jesus is said to be fully, 100%, God and fully, 100%, man at the same time (not 50%/50%).  These posts consider the ways these threads come together in Jesus to help you re-imagine his significance, but also to see how this might shape the way you live if you try Jesus today.