His story

C.S Lewis, God In The Dock

J.R.R Tolkien, On Fairy Stories

There are two pretty amazing things about how the story of the Bible reflects the stories human cultures have been telling for as long as stories have been recorded about our longings and desires. One is the way the story of the Bible is put together with layer upon layer of complexity and links backwards and forwards between events; the other is the way human history unfolded up to the life and death of Jesus and the incredible changes Jesus brought into the world. His life was so significant in the west that even though Caesar Augustus had the calendar restarted to count the years from the year he was born — we count the years from the birth of Jesus. 

There’s some more going on beneath the surface here… If the Bible really does describe God’s interactions with the world and his plans, then there are a couple of bits that should make us sit up and take note a bit when it comes to the events of Jesus’ life, and especially his death. In Revelation, John (one of Jesus’ disciples) says that Jesus is ‘the lamb slain before the foundation of the world’ — this is an epic claim that God orchestrated all of human history to bring about his death and resurrection. 

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