Try Jesus

“I have come that they may have life, have it to the full I am the good shepherd.” — Jesus

What does ‘having life to the full’ mean to you?

We’re all looking for some way to make life satisfying or meaningful… or just better than it was yesterday. 

Some of us are struggling; feeling lost, dissatisfied, all alone in the vastness of the universe.

Some of us are pondering what it looks like to really flourish as a human; to live the good — full — life.  

What if Jesus is the answer?

What if the best thing you can do to improve tomorrow is to try Jesus. Today.


Why (you need) Jesus

Here are the three reasons we think you need to try Jesus.

1. The universe almost certainly exists, and you almost certainly exist, and gods, or God, are a possible explanation for this existence that you should consider.

2. There’s a seemingly innate desire in us to ponder our existence — and our mortality — and to find meaning in it — a ‘religious impulse’ seems hardwired in our hearts and minds. 

3. Jesus exists, he lived and claimed to both be God and to show us how to truly live.  If these claims are true and we don’t believe them; not only are we missing out on the best way to live, Jesus says we’re in a bit of trouble.

Let’s flesh this out a bit more…

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Why Jesus?

People have been calling Jesus the king of the universe (the ‘Christ’) and the son of God for almost 2,000 years now.

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about?

There’s a famous song from the Bible (Psalm 23) which pictures God as the source of satisfaction — it says ‘the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want’ and then poetically describes the ways God meets our longings. Another song a little later in that same song book (Psalm 34) says we should ‘taste and see’ the goodness of God. We should try God. We should test the experience, the emotional satisfaction, and the reasonableness of faith by trying out belief.

Jesus is the one those Psalms point to. He calls himself ‘the good shepherd’, and he is where we ‘taste and see’ the goodness of God (1 Peter 2:3).


What is it that makes Jesus so compelling for so many people? Here are some ideas that might prompt you to give Jesus a try. 

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Sacrificial Love
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(How to) try Jesus today

What would it look like to try Jesus? To see if what he says about the world is true and if it stands up to the rigours of a vigorous experiment.  

Here are six ways you could try Jesus today.

Reimagining Jesus

We’ve all got some picture of who Jesus is in our heads before landing on a page like this. Maybe in order to try Jesus you might need to re-imagine Jesusyou might have to get a different picture of him in your head and perhaps even your heart.

These posts aim to help you re-imagine Jesus. To be confronted with who he really is… to grapple with mystery and paradox… to be confounded by the beauty of his story… but also to see how this might shape the way you live if you try Jesus today.

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